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SPI Import Export Service Trading Co., LTD

Founded in 2017, with the main activity is trading chemicals for rubber & Plastic Industry, expanding our busniess, we manufacture and supply all kinds of technical Rubber & Plastic products according to customer requirements such as: Car plastic parts, Industrial Electricity, Constructions, Printing Parts,…

  • Our Factory place in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

SPI always strives continuously in the development process to improve quality of manufacturer and service, competitiveness, increase value, contribute to diversify Vietnam Rubber & Plastics market.

Our customers come from Korea, Japan, EU, SPI provide almost products for water supply and drainage, household appliances, car plastic and rubber parts, industrial electricity, pet toys, food processing industry, animal husbandry, etc. thereby helping partners and customers minimize costs, financial burdens with products that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and meet strict standards.

Hotline +84-909133884 or email spicompany2017@gmail.com