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Engineering Grade Materials for Hi-Tech Parts
SPI has decades of experience in injection molded plastic material selection. We’ve molded many different resins, including engineering grade materials and commodity based plastic resins. The molding resins are available for PP, HDPE, HIPS, and ABS, PEEK, and TPU/TPV materials.
We work with major resin suppliers and follow rigid standards in providing material certification and traceability. We work in collaboration with some of the top resin suppliers who help choose material according to mold ability, strength required, and end use of the product. Mold flow analysis is another tool used in choosing the best resin for the end product.
During product design and development, our engineers will determine if color or additives should be used based on end use of the product. Colors can be chosen and matched to the customer’s Pantone color choice by our color house partners. UV screening is often added to many of the resins when a product will be used in an outdoor setting.
SPI can guide the customer in material selection for optimum outcome of the molded part when the customer has no plastic knowledge of tolerances, mold ability or end cosmetic appearance of an engineered grade plastic raw material
Recycled materials are available upon request.
Virgin Resins are approved by Europe or US Standard
Hotline: +84-909133884

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